64 Luxury & Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Home offices have grown in popularity with the rapid growth of home personal computers.

Most people and families use a computer which is made more convenient with a dedicated space in the home.

I enjoyed researching and putting together this post on home offices because I work at home.  While I currently have a modest home office, I look forward to one day having something spacious and opulent like some of the luxurious, yet modern home offices featured in this gallery.

As you’ll see in our picture gallery of 64 luxury and modern home office design ideas, a home office varies in size, layout, features, color scheme, budget and purpose.  While in today’s modern world, most computer-centric, some are still used as a library and/or place to meet with clients.

Creating a home office or den is as simple as converting a bedroom or section of the basement into such a space.  All you need is a desk and a chair.  Of course the sky is the limit with how much you can spend and features you can incorporate – especially today’s high tech features.  If you have a newer home, chances are it was built with a dedicated office space (often referred to as a den or study).  In this case you’re fortunate because all you need to do is choose some great office furniture – plush, minimalist, traditional or modern – and you’re in business.

If you’d like to know more about the lavish home office design pictured above, see our review.

Enjoy our gallery.