4 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

1. Get Creative with Storage

​If you’re like me, you have stuff (think cleaning supplies) that is necessary, but not the nicest to look at. In my living room, you’d never guess I hid a vacuum cleaner behind one of the drapery panels. (And a Swiffer behind the other!) Take this mentality with you into other areas of the home.

For instance, short on bathroom cabinet space? Take out your mouthwash and pour it into a pretty decanter. Arrange it on a tray for a chic display. Remember, you don’t have to hide it all, but everything in your home should be purposeful!

2. Think Multipurpose

For small space dwellers, everything you own should be thoughtfully placed and chosen. In one of my room designs, I picked out a translucent coffee table with an open base to store ottomans for extra seating. I love how the coffee table’s simple design is beautiful and practical.

3. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

You may have heard this before, but when decorating, you always want to group objects in odd numbers to create a harmonious look. The same is true for pattern. Think of the composition as a whole.

Here you’ll see I arranged pattern in a group of three. A small delicate pattern on the rug, a medium size pattern on the accent pillows, and a large graphic pattern on the window treatments. It’s important to have variation in pattern so the room doesn’t feel too busy, or conversely, too dull.

4. Stay True to Your Color Palette

​If you’re afraid of color
Stick with one central color scheme. This keeps visual clutter down to a minimum and evokes a calming feel. My favorite example is seen here, layering neutrals with different patterns and textures to bring dimension to a minimal design.

If you’re a lover of color ​
Contrary to popular opinion, dark colors make spaces feel larger because the recede from the eye. Warm, bright hues tend to jump forward and attract attention.